Hi there!

My website is pretty simple at this time.

I desire to display myself in truth, accuracy, and a little bit of mystery. I will say, I am generally sought out as your companion not due to the “looks department” – though it helps lol – I am sought out because I am fun, engaging, entertaining, and happen to have brains and depth. I can and am willing to connect on an emotional and intellectual level as we naturally progress.

I tend to “specialize” in longer term connections and am regularly sought out for travel and extended dates.

Obviously I love social time, but do note I am GFE… I prefer to call it a Passionate Love Affair. Hence, my desire to connect with multi-hour and extended dates, to make that mental connection, which enhances everything.

(I no longer have reviews, and request you do not write one on me. (No review policy.) It’s much more fun, and less stressful for both of us – the freedom allows me to be better for you, and ironically, takes that distraction out of your mind as well. You’ll see!)