Courtney O,
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"It's not necessarily her looks, it's her presence that serves as the temptation for all those around us. They're afraid to approach her - and I like that - because she's with me." Read on.


Who is Courtney, and Why The Nude Opera?

The Nude Opera supposed to be a fun, temporary play on words that took off. A non-puritan event that equates to how cereal was invented for lack of better words. ;) Now that reviews have been obliterated, I kept the name. That's how everybody knows who I am, and I think it's pretty cool. :) 

That being said, let's get to what this is all about, and how I might come across one way, but you look and wonder, "Woah. How does she do that?"

You can't really appreciate something until you realize what you're appreciating, right? I'm known as an acquired taste. I'm not stuffy, nor boring, but I do love pleasure and luxury. I feel most in my element when I am surrounded by nice things. When I used to test out instruments as a kid, I always picked the most expensive ones without even knowing it LOL.

My family & friends call me a "princess" (yes, the derogatory way - in jest of course,) because I like my own space, I like pretty things, I do like designer clothing and accessories with great quality fabrics & material. When I go to a bar, people order beer or regular drinks, and I order top shelf old-fashioneds or the most expensive tequila - even at dive-bar karaoke lmao. I can't drink dive-bar alcohol, I need to know which bottle it's coming out of and it has to be expensive LOL. I am kind of a snob about certain things, but a very approachable one. I just like what I like, and appreciate others enjoying what they enjoy. But if I can have and enjoy it, then I will. :)

I like my "things" you know? I'm the girl people think is the one who will marry rich. (They're still waiting, ha!)

When people think of upscale, top-shelf female companions, I imagine the expectations would be different for everybody. Including a Victoria's Secret model. So I'll explain myself a little bit. (Myth Busters!)

I'm not the runway model or the perfect/symmetrical playboy centerfold. I'm not the tall, lanky trophy that makes you look like you only date models. I'm the sexy actress or musician that everybody wants to fk because she's more intoxicating and asymmetrical, artistic, and secretly wanted by their equals or superiors.

I'm that girl no matter what weight I am, no matter how long  or short my hair is. Whether I'm in yoga wear or dressed to the nines. I'm that girl who, if a man doesn't get her attention when she is not with another man, they get angry.

I'm that girl that can't be held down, and it pisses men off except men who are not intimidated by her. I'm obviously not more successful than you. But I can keep up with you. I'm lucky to have men in my life who appreciate that and don't try to hide it. It helps that you are super brilliant so as not to be afraid of my outshining you - because I won't.

I'm a woman who appreciates those who appreciate me. My job is to recognize your value in my life and the lives of others and lift your spirits, nurture you, and recognize that you are great. Because you are. If you weren't I would not be seeing you, so... That's what I do. And I try to be your accent piece that compliments your presence, never out-do you.

I also know how to deal with and understand people of many calibers & specialties, as I have a pretty extensive professional and educational background. Sorry, no Ivy League education. But - well - I can speak before large crowds, I can lead & move people and audiences in either song or laughter - thanks to my education, which I would not trade for the world. I got to practice a lot of that while also being a very well known organizer of fundraisers, large events, outreach programs... I have a lot of substance and experience as a leader, facilitator, as a follower, as a worker-bee, as a well respected example in work places, volunteer programs, community, and - here. I've also been the exact opposite. (Aka - I've also fallen hard from high places. I know failure well. Which is not a bad thing.)

Granted, many say "I'm a Chameleon." It's what we do, right? That's a big part of what many people need to do in this profession. I will say, I am NOT a chameleon and while I can infiltrate my persona into many situations, I don't blend in with everybody, and I don't "belong" everywhere - I'm a mind-fuck and - again - an acquired taste. I'm pretty straight-forward. What you see is what you get.

I am also very warm-hearted and welcoming. I might come across as unapproachable, many have waited to meet me due to fear lol! Then they meet me, and say "I didn't think you were going to be so warm welcoming, and nurturing!" I am. 

**Please note: You are not hiring a model per-se. (Though I clean up pretty nice. heh.) I'm a match that compliments you. I am your personal concierge, but you also are mine - we guide one another into pleasure in the ways we know how - and learn how together. It's hedonism. You get to indulge yourself, as I regularly do. It's okay to do that.

I also talk a lot apparently. I'll edit this later.