Touring Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC July 11-16.

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"It's not necessarily her looks, it's her presence that serves as the temptation for all those around us. They're afraid to approach her - and I like that - because she's with me." ~ More than one anonymous gent's depiction of me.

I mesh best with a more mature, seasoned man while bringing a fresh, youthful outlook to him. An old soul, a youthful heart, a 30-something sassy, sarcastic female atmosphere "model."

Aka - I enhance the atmosphere with my highly charged energy, comedic nature and wicked sense of humor - topped with a little bit of an exotic, enticing look. The cherry on top.

Enjoy your journey. Please peruse my website and social media links to determine if I'm yours & you're mine for the night, weekend, week... My job is done. I shall wait.


What is the nude opera?

I am not THE Nude Opera. I am a part of The Nude Opera - which is a sarcastic spin on how I see the sex industry. It's a nude opera. Soap opera, sure. But more Nude Opera because Opera is more expressive with lots of energy.

I jokingly changed my handle four years ago to "thenudeopera" on twitter to dissolve some tension about my nude photos with some humor. (If people don't understand something, give it a name.) 

I was also making fun at what started and remained as a dramatic "Soap Opera" which, at the time, was fascinating to me. Now that I've tired that out, I'm ready for the next step in my adventures... but not ready to give up the name. It applies to my musical nature while also spewing out high notes. Heh.

Suddenly people were booking and I had to raise my rates because I couldn't accommodate more than 5-7 people/month, (on a busy month.) That's a good sign - so it stayed.


Apparently nude isn't classy. Put Opera at the end of it, and suddenly it's high society. 😭 "The More You Know."


It's just me - Courtney, and those who decide to join my little corner of a vast culture.

Please don't mistake my silliness for a lack of confidence - I'm very confident & secure in myself, my body, and ever evolving persona.

I am a bit materialistic (Taurus) in that I like quality things, but I am not "basic" whatsoever if you see any designer wear sprinkled about. More eclectic if you ask anyone who knows me. I like quality people to enhance my peculiarity.


Courtney O

of The Nude Opera.