Your Raven Haired Chicagoland Courtesan

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Please Note:

I write all of my own content, and am neither associated nor affiliated with any agency, booking service, or anybody touching how I represent myself. I am confident in my approach, and I don't like having a boss.

However, one of the wonderful things I am blessed with are great friends. Friends who rejoice in my success, contribute to my success, and together we guide one another to our best selves.

A letter from the multi-faceted Courtney O...

Your Best Kept Secret.

Why do others forbid you to see me? Maybe you, the lucky one, might one day get to see what is so "different". Who is behind that curtain that is so "dangerous" that you must not meet me nor touch me?

Maybe my fiery passion and my spell is dangerous. We think everybody wants to pretend they are in Sex And The City, when what some really desire is that secret, quiet place they have fantasized about. One you keep a secret because it is so intoxicating if you talked about it, you'd blush - and people would forbid your return.  I want you. I want us. If you're like me, so do you. I am that secret. I am the person many don't want to admit they can't resist. As much as this is an advert site, it is the truth, and it is most of my dating life.

"You ooze sexuality, but you're sensible. Sensible, yet provocative. I can't put my finger on it, but it's irresistible, even when I wish I could resist. The problem? You've invited me, and you've kept me. If you pushed me away, I could resist, only because I'd have to."

It's a blessing and a curse. It can be lonely. Many are afraid to approach me. They just watch from a distance until they can find something to relate to. Some render gifts for a while until they muster up the balls to meet me. Sometimes it takes years. So when you are with me, I'm hungry.

Generally only the right ones come to me, and I don't have to ask. My 'type' are naturally drawn to me.

Those who immerse themselves an acquired taste might experience a voluntary addiction. They tend to enjoy whimsical memories to take everywhere they go. And it feeds them for a while.




I host: Downtown Chicago (Preferred) or West Suburbs (Last Resort)

You host: Upscale throughout the Chicagoland area

I am an exclusive, upscale, fully immersed in a small circle of friends type courtesan.

Charlotte, NC: I shall arrive April 28th, and depart May 2nd. Raleigh, my presence will fill your city May 2nd - May 3rd. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. I highly encourage pre-booking as soon as you can, as I have a small number of friends I will accommodate. I then close the tour out completely and list myself unavailable as soon as it is full to my liking. (Low volume.)

Please provide 48 hour notice for local meets if we have not yet become acquainted so I can properly prepare my mind, body, and soul for you (and screen). We both must be comfortable and ready to laugh, rest, enjoy, and 'breathe'. For tours, I encourage reservations far in advance.

Want to know more? See more?

In the link below you will see:

  • My website, (you're already here,) will show you the waters that run deep via blogs and expression throughout, and the 'chase' it takes to get to me.
  • My Instagram: Visual vanilla teasers and bi-weekly live comedy streams, verification that I'm legit and have a circle of verified ladies and gentlemen who have known me for quite some time.
  • My Twitter: Banter, humor, updates, somewhat of a moving blog, and improv conversation.
  • My Only Fans: 'The nudes' - 'the erotica'. Do not join if you need to leave most to the imagination, there is full artistic nudity, though I still do leave some to the imagination. :)
  • My Wishlist: Things I adore and tastefully sprinkle into my design.

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About Us


Petite: 5' 3.5"


Age: Mid-30's

Slender, Yet Curvy & Feminine Shape

Strong, exotic facial features

Black Hair, (Bob,) Blue Eyes, Porcelain Skin with sexy back and shoulder Freckles. Like dewy raindrops.

Feet 7.5 or 38 - high arches. (I am generally in somewhat of a heel. I do not wear flats.)

West Slavic, Chicago born and raised

I dress in an unassumingly sexy manner with a little hint of statement, sprinkled with designer. Not distasteful or over done.


You enjoy beautiful surroundings with beautiful company. You don't enjoy the horse and pony show. You enjoy the woman many of your peers secretly fawn over, but will never admit it. They feel they can't have me, maybe because you're with me. Or maybe they have no offering to impress me.

Things I like

My favorite thing in the world is a smart/intelligent, and empathetic man. I love researching and writing about the things I've found. People watching, singing/songwriting, writing in general, cooking, entertaining, karaoke, the beach in the summer, rooftop bars, the city. Meaningful and challenging conversation.

I also need to repeat, I love MEN. (But only the good ones, generally 45 and older.)

A little note about meeting me, screening, etc...

Please do not send form of payment before discussing it with me beforehand, and you are fully screened.

 Patience throughout the screening process is greatly appreciated, especially if you do not have any memberships or trail.

I will say, after the initial screening process and first meeting, I am much more accessible to those I know. After a couple of meetings, you will be redirected to my private email, where we can communicate in the future with less notice, as you will be screened and vetted.

I am disability friendly, I welcome persons of all colors, shapes, sizes, religious backgrounds, etc. I am extremely open minded, and I appreciate respect for mine as well.

I do require a 50% deposit to hold your date and time. If there is no deposit, I will wipe it clear of my mind until you are ready. I like stress free on both your end and mine.

Thank you.

Please start your screening here