Welcome to My Private Opera
Courtney O – Chicago & Nationwide

Pristine presentation, even better company. Why do people keep coming back? My quick wit, intelligence, and hilarious personality. You are not coming to the same Opera every time – there is always a plot twist to keep you and I on our toes.

As some have said, “I wouldn’t hang out with you if you weren’t extremely entertaining.” “I keep seeing you because you’re fun.” “You treat me well and don’t judge me for admiring your art. You make me comfortable as we laugh. But you can also keep up with me in a mindful conversation.”

I have a delicate, petite frame. 5′ 5″, 115#, an artistic, feminine shape, a gorgeous face… with porcelain skin, blue eyes, and natural, raven black hair.

I am friends to all ethnicities, skin colors, body shapes/sizes, and disability friendly. I prefer men over 35, preferably 40+.

So long as you are gentle with my delicate frame, and are one to treat persons of all walks of life with respect and dignity. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Touring Charlotte, North Carolina June 4-7.
Get your tickets soon! I like lots of naps and vocal rests. I have limited availability, (very low volume,) even while on tour. See Chicagoland packages for details ๐Ÿ™‚

April’s Philosophy:
What is Class?

Such a clichรฉ, isn’t it?
It is not Pompous to me.

“Classy” vs “classist” vs “Class” vs “Marketing Gimmick”

I’ve noticed people snicker when they see the word “classy” and begin to dig, looking for a contradiction. (This is not a bad thing – It is a great exercise that shows you think critically before coming to a conclusion.)

I see it as a taste for sophistication, quality, elegance, respect, and excellence.

I began dating as a lifestyle in my upper 20’s. I’ve been known to be excellent in many things I have done, though constantly growing above my responsibilities. I am generally privately commended for these traits. I’ve worked hard to build and maintain a high standard for whichever role I choose.

My upbringing was “tough love”. You treat people with respect. You associate with influences who have traits you want to rub off on you. Stay away from persons who might affect your character by negative influence. Dress for the job you want. Don’t do “shit work,” especially if you are being paid to do it. If you’re not, still strive for and achieve excellence.

“Represent those around you in such a way they will be commended.” (Proverbs 31-woman training.) This includes being well spoken, intellectually challenging, while bring something unique into your companion’s life. Whatever your gifts may be, use them for to benefit of others, not to their detriment. Tip your servers well.

I have been told, even though some may say your behavior or representation is “Ok,” doesn’t mean it really is ok. Their standards might not be your own.

My personal standard for playing the role I have committed to is my guide, whatever that may be. I am selective. I desire to adorn my suitor’s presence with someone he can be proud of choosing. I also want him to leave with memories lasting him a while. I don’t choose persons I know I might not properly suit.

Not only do I look tasteful with a health dose of sexy, my look is also fitting for the current beauty standards and fashion sense of today. I am unique enough where – no one in our sphere will likely be or look like me. “Where did he find this woman? Are there any more like her?”

One of the greatest gifts I believe I have and have also been mentioned of me… a wild mix between a wicked sense of humor, a quick wit, and a deep, explorative mind that is far from narrow-minded. Please add a little salt and sarcasm.

I am not the cliquey type. I thrive best as one in front of many, one working in or leading a team, or one-on-one… or alone, reading research articles, and writing.

Purposeful, accepting, well-rounded, intelligent, explorative… Yet constantly keeping up with my “look” so as to be the best “me” I can be. Or does my look and communication simply intrigue you? I don’t compete against my peers to grab your attention. I am who I am.

So long as you feel you can fully enjoy our time together, based on my sample of 5 years in professional entertainment in my current field, I know I will enjoy you.

Just be good to me. Represent me well. Understand I desire to represent you well.

Etiquette: Be gentle with me. Of course, don’t feel the need to walk on egg-shells. I am delicate, but also strong, assertive, and confident. I love a respectful debate, and I don’t get scared nor upset if we disagree, unless you’re a dick about it.