Sensible, Yet Provocative

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They can't put their finger on it, but it's there.

**New Pictures****New! Red hair!**

People say I am a riot. Extremely entertaining, engaging, intelligent, deep, and very attractive. I rock a tasteful dress, I'm well mannered, elegant and classy, equipped with etiquette and charm. I will never embarrass you. (Unless you want me to, of course!)

A jovial nature can be a bit much at times; however, it is great in shorter doses... especially if you get the time away to be that "other" person your everyday life doesn't permit. I am accustomed to multi-hours, weekend getaways, nights on the town, or a simple classic dinner date. My most popular option is the clock-less evening.

Some testimonials:

"The reason I do multi-hours with you is that I'm comfortable with you. I don't feel judged, and I can carry on an engaging conversation without thought."

"My job is very serious. I don't get to be myself. I can be myself with you."

"I don't generally book overnights or vacations with people. Now I'm hooked."

"I rarely see people more than once. Here we are four years later."

"Most people push their salad around and it's very awkward. She actually eats the steak."

"You know those people you wake up to and think, 'Who is this?' Rest assured, she looks fantastic with and without makeup. She wakes up and she looks like - her."

33DDD/29/39 with rock star hips. A Height-Weight-Proportional, yet an artistic and tastefully curvy, hourglass physique.

I have never met someone who was bored with me. It just doesn't happen. Welcome to: The Nude Opera.

I can't wait to meet you!




Plus one's

  • Vanessa Everett - Chicago
  • Two UTR girlfriends - Chicago
  • Veronica Turbey - Washington D.C.