Welcome to My Private Opera
Courtney O – Chicago & Nationwide
Part of my branding is not to stay “on brand” – I’m an explorer, and – the hell with it – people come back because you get real improv, not a brand, nor a typical routine or system.

🎶On that note 🎶
I am known to be one who switches it up in my presentation. You, as a suitor, play a role in expanding my horizons, worldview, and experiences. I also want to remain “shiny and new” for you. I’m in my 30’s. I look like I’m in my late 20’s. I dress tastefully, yet sexy, am appropriate to my age and the current trends, and am thoughtful of appropriation in dress location and time of day.

Why do people keep coming back to see more? My quick wit, intelligence, hilarious personality, and continual evolvement. You are not coming to the same Opera every time – there is always a plot twist to keep us on our toes. Continually developing the mind and experiences is one of the parts of this story. Consider my music “progressive”.

Most recent testimonial:
“…but like I’ve said before, you have always treated me the best I have been treated by anyone I’ve seen…

I know you have no problem telling guys no, but I’d feel better knowing I made it even a little bit more comfortable for you to do so.

People give you shit and a hard time, but you are seriously one of the best and most impressive individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and that includes outside this world.”

THAT is the type of man I want in my opera. Please follow suite. heh. heh.

I have a delicate, petite frame. 5′ 5″, 115#, an artistic, feminine shape, a gorgeous face… with porcelain skin, blue eyes, and natural, raven black hair.

I am friends to all ethnicities, skin colors, body shapes/sizes, and disability friendly. I prefer men over 35, preferably 40+.

So long as you are gentle with my delicate frame, and are one to treat persons of all walks of life with respect and dignity. 🙂

Upcoming Schedule:
My Charlotte tour in June is sold out.
Unvailable/limited email:
May 8-10
May 13
May 17-20
June 4-7
Aug 10-11
Oct 11-13

Available in Chicagolad OR for Fly Me To You all other dates (As of today.)

In the Chicagoland area with 48 hour notice for new friends, 24 hour notice if you have P411 with recent OK’s, or rs-avs.com membership with recent references.

Current friends, I’d love to prepare for same-day or the following day with sufficient notice – i.e. 6-12 hours. I still suggest at least 24 hours just in case…

**Disclaimer: While I am supposed to be self-deprecating, if I were to self-deprecate the intensity of work and thought I put into not only the presentation, the small touches that matter, and the product, (me,) to give you the best me I can, in order to bring out the best you I can… with some hiccups… I would be inaccurate.

I put a lot into our time together, including the boundaries adn set-up process – which may seem business – but it’s so I can arrive comfortable, sane, happy, and without worry. Really. It is best for you that you know what you are getting.**

**Disclaimer #2, 3, 4, 5, 6…: I have trouble summing shit up – I do swear on occasion – I do drink on dates, sometimes I get nervous (ok, I get nervous before every date lol,) and I am sensitive and delicate.

The VIP page is available after five shows.
If you are interested after 5 dates, please let me know!
Platinum VIP Options include:
Access to Platinum VIP structure
Access to VIP photo updates/pre-released photos
Access to private VIP Snapchat

Etiquette: Be gentle with me. Of course, don’t feel the need to walk on egg-shells. I am delicate, but also strong, assertive, and confident. I love a respectful debate, and I don’t get scared nor upset if we disagree, unless you’re a dick about it.