Welcome to: The Nude Opera
Main Event: Courtney O
Location: Downtown Chicago & Oak Brook, IL
Experience: Temporary Girlfriend. Always Lucky on the First Date.
Catering to: Affluent Gentlemen of Chicago, and abroad
Plotline: What you see is what you get. Guest stars determine the direction of the story line.
Current News: New Pictures


I host (Incall): Oak Brook, IL | Naperville/Lisle, IL | Downtown Chicago, IL

You host (Outcall): Downtown Chicago and Chicago Suburbs

By appointment only, with 48+ hour notice.

My philosophy: I am more interested in who we are than in what we are doing. 

When we arrive on our date, we have already competed for, and won, each other’s attention. Something stood out to you about me, and something to me about you. I select you just as much as you select me; however, I don’t pursue you. I just throw the hook. Instead of telling you how to chase me, I’d rather you just be yourself.

You don’t arrive to a routine physical horse and pony show. You arrive on a date with an attractive woman who has depth, brains, and a wicked sense of humor. Who is intentional about your time in the atmosphere, location, the product, (mwah,) and the experience as a whole. 

I am not the type who plays in to being snobby, stiff, or boring. I’m a friend and a companion. My main focus is beyond the physical realm. The intellect, the mind, the humor, the mysterious things that happen that can never be planned. 

I have lived my life making people laugh from audience of hundreds of people to small groups, to one on one. I would say that is my greatest gift. This comes with an animated personality, someone who is easily amused, and has a knack for transferring that amusement on to another.

The sexy stuff you can find by clicking on the TER emblem – I have great reviews. Since I have a very low volume and low turnover rate, (people return again and again,) my reviews are quite infrequent, but mostly from gentlemen who have seen me many times – and most have taken me on extended dates.


The entertainment is worth it.


I am very spoiled, and rewarding of those who take care of me/treat me with respect and equality. You are a part of the Opera. Amongst the characters, the morale is high, and the turnover is low. Those who begin to destroy the morale usually quit.