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Upcoming Tours!

I host in the Chicagoland area, essentially West Chicago Suburbs and Downtown (River North) when I am not traveling, and also love private travel! **Upon request** I'm not waiting in a hotel room for you to call. That's not how it works with me. Just ask - if you're a genuine gentleman - I'll know - I have a gift of reading you from afar, if I can intoxicate you! I want to! ♥️

Upcoming Tours:

  • Charlotte, NC: July 11-13 (Booking up fast! Limited availbility! I'm almost closing this out! Check in!)
  • Charleston, NC: July 14-15 (Booking up fast! Limited availbility! I'm almost closing this out! Check in!)
  • Milwaukee! I'm coming to you soon! Keep your eyes peeled! 👀

I have limited availability, even on tours. They generally fill up quickly before I even advertise on websites. Somehow, when people see The Nude Opera is coming to their town - they snatch it up - and again - I don't see many on tours, so... just FYI - 3 hour minimum so I don't die lol - xoxo)

*I highly encourage pre-booking well in advance. I schedule these well in advance for a reason.*

  • A 50% deposit is due in order to reserve a date & time with me.
  • If you are in a different area than the above, you are welcome to book private travel - these are all the tours I have planned, and don't tour extensively. Thank you!

My Benefaction Page

Welcome To: The Nude Opera

Some call me "Chicago's Mind-Fuck"

Prior clients and lovers have called me a "mind-fuck."

All I think of is, they are saying, "WTF just happened?"

I don't know either. That's why you come to me, and many stay with me, finding their first overnights, vacations, and trips to fun places... or even boring places... broke them into the idea of these extended types of dates.

They're awesome. You get human connection, someone to listen to you and / or share their stories with you ---- who wouldn't admit our lives here aren't fascinating???

That's me. Many, many people I know get hooked (sorry lol) on overnights and vacations. 

Thing is,  my 'marketing' for this business is pretty backwards. I do the mind first, the pictures last haha!

Why do people see me? I'm the check-off - the fun "Nude Opera" person they want to meet. Why do they stay? I don't know. Or do I?

You'll just need to find out for yourself! Really, just relax. Take a chill pill. Everything is going to be okay. Boring? Nah. You're not. I'm a sucker for any information I can take in. I'm fascinated with all sorts of people and all mindsets. 

I'll steal your soul, your life, everything (you get to keep it, just the information part haha) and we'll have a great time.

As a person who is addicted to mental stimulation and also providing the same - I think we'll have a great time.

The 'undocumented' time perhaps is why you stay? I don't know. Thanks for supporting  me, and choosing me particularly. May we both be blessed. Thank you for choosing me. Based on how I do things, if you got through, rest assured, I chose you. I know what I'm doing here. I enjoy you - if you got through to me!