I've been waiting for you to pursue me... because I will never pursue you.

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They can't put their finger on it, but it's there.

I'm a voluptuous, yet height-weight proportional French & Italian woman born and raised in Chicago. I would be considered "average" body size; however, my curves are not average. They are not normal, in a good way. With an extremely high libido, and rock-star curvaceous, yet "normal-sized" figure, you just - can't explain it. So I'll let you look at the photos, while imagining my body settled into a 5' 4" tall, olive toned, yet porcelain skinned, blue-eyed woman.

The "experience" you find isn't that of an "experience." It's reality. I simply cannot call myself "Girlfriend Experience," because, to me, this is so much more than services I provide. The horse and pony show can kiss my ass.

I specialize in real connections. You are a person, not a client. However, you are a benefactor. A man who takes care of me and brings me security. In return, I am your mystical mistress.

I can't think on any marketing gimmicks. I just don't see our time as "marketing gimmick-worthy." For the time you are with me, we are a team against the world... a world we re-enter after being relieved of the tortures life places on us... tortures which I call - our desires.

A desire not fullfilled is torture. May we be thankful for those in our lives who relieve that stress.

Sexual desire, or just a desire to go out and have fun without being judged... it's not your job to do so, but you bring that to me... and I bring that to you.

Never trashy, always elegant and sophisticated looks, with some sexual inuendos your conscious mind might not understand... but our minds know. Welcome to... The Nude Opera.




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