Welcome To: The Nude Opera
Courtney O, Chicagoland’s Travel Companion

“What is The Nude Opera?” If I could sum it up, I would say, “Chicago’s Mind-Fuck”

I have a very engaging personality. Generally, laughter, quick-witted banter, and some very deep, intellectual conversations fill our time together.

I am sharp, intelligent, witty, sarcastic, deep, passionate, and straightforward. I’m sought out as a bucket-list checkoff; however, people usually want to meet me again… and again…. and again. Why? A million different reasons, I’m sure. But one is – whether you could live with me day in and day out or not, I’m very entertaining, fun, and eclectic. I tend to thrive when I feel appreciated, and feel I am benefiting the person(s) who are with me. I think my desire to select people who are looking for “me” helps this as well.

The Nude Opera sounds like a group, but it derives from my very first photo shoot upon my return, which contained many “nude” photos in front of a piano. The pictures were ridiculed by some of my peers, so I made a joke out of it, and temporarily named my twitter wall, “The Nude Opera”. It took off, and it worked. As it evolved, I realized it was perfect – but it isn’t going to a Choir. It’s just me.

It also goes hand-in-hand with the way I like to do my music. Solo, before one, or before many. Mix that with nudist tendencies, and you get… The Nude Opera. 🙂

On that note…

I am accustomed to extended dates, dinner dates, travel dates, et al; however, I provide a 2 hour package, as I understand not all can make these types of dates a reality as frequently as they wish.

I’m used to being pretty low volume, so I don’t really expect the masses to come-a-running… hence the rate structure. Many people like to watch, few decide to get the “back-stage passes”. Some – I don’t know where the hell they get the money to afford it, but enjoy frequent visits back stage. 🙂

Please click around my website to understand more about me – it’s a wealth of accuracy, with many places for you to explore, to assure yourself I am the right choice for you, and our time will be precious together.

The only thing that is not accurate, is the live, in-person event. The logistics are set, I’m the girl in the pictures, but the show is pretty “Improv” depending on my audience, surroundings, etc..