Welcome To: The Nude Opera
Courtney “O” – (The Real Nude Opera)

I host: Oak Brook, IL | Naperville/Lisle, IL | Downtown Chicago, IL | Rockford, IL (East State Street area only)

You host: Throughout the Chicagoland Area with a travel/convenience gratuity dependent on location. Please be sure your accommodations are reserved in a safe, upscale area!

By appointment only, with 48+ hour notice.

A little about me… (Courtney)
I feel it’s best for you to know my companionship style before scheduling a date, and establishing a longer term dating relationship with me.

I tend to take the “Courtesan” approach.

I am more interested in who We are than in what we are doing. You don’t arrive to a routine physical horse and pony show. You arrive on a date with an attractive woman who has depth, empathy, and brains. Who is intentional and pursuant of you after you have done your part in pursuing her.

I am not the type who plays in to being snobby, stiff, or boring. I’m a friend, a lover, a companion, and my main focus is beyond the physical realm. The intellect, the mind, the humor, the things that happen which we cannot see. The things that don’t happen in a single moment, but throughout time – even while we are away. Most importantly, we are here to have fun, relax, and refresh.

I charge above market rates in the Chicagoland area. I do this for many reasons, including volume, the type of facility in which I host, and the amount of money I put into our date. If you’re a true gentleman, you understand all of the components of this. I feel it’s sexy when a man keeps a woman comfortable.

Despite the fact that you might not mind a lower end accommodation, the accommodations are not only about you. They are mostly about me and what I like.

I am spoiled, but very rewarding of those who spoil me/take care of me/treat me with respect and care. You are a part of my Opera. Amongst the characters, the morale is high. People who damage the morale usually quit before they join. 🙂

Take a tour:
Please consider the word “Courtesan” as this: We enjoy a true connection that can be like that of a love affair. I don’t like GFE, because this is a passionate love affair. (This does happen.) Many of us cannot date people we are truly attracted to unless it is in secret, or the world will judge us.

For more of my personality, you can see in my blogs some of my more serious thoughts – and if you scroll down, you will find my twitter for more of the humorous side of me.

For the feisty side of me – well – that pops up everywhere. lol!