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chicagoland's elite courtesan

chicagoland's elite courtesan

chicagoland's elite courtesanchicagoland's elite courtesanchicagoland's elite courtesan

Welcome To: The Nude Opera

With the current pandemic and the fact that most of us are grounded, (aka protecting one another from this coronavirus,) I am not offering in person companionship... BUT... I am offering other ways to connect with me.

Me Singing Wicked Game (Stone Sour Acoustic Version)

Here's a fun little something to serenade you. As an entertainer, my job is to bring joy and peace to the world, to sing hope or beauty into dark places... to bring laughter and relief in times of great stress. Sensual healing in times of isolation.

This is what I was born to do. To chase away your demons for a while, as David, the Sweet Psalmist of Israel did for Saul. (The bible.)

P.S. Ignore all of my makeup in the background, I've been recording tons of content for Onlyfans lol.

Courtney O

a certain je ne sais quoi...

I'm tired of trying to be like other people -  I want the best of everything. I never understood crab mentality, because no matter where you are at there is someone trying to pull you down a peg.

Ironically, I am only successful in the higher calibers.

I was always attracted to the types that made their own curriculum, and half of the class dropped out because they couldn't keep up. Those were the people who fed my brain.

That's how I go. I'm a passionate person... I guess you could say "On Fire." I believe I can have a good life, and the more people want to keep me from my dreams, the more I want to succeed them.

Get what I mean?

I'm a (temporarily) curvy/voluptuous, super busty redhead with a pretty face. I'm not quite plus-size as I have a small frame. Deep, thoughtful, funny, charismatic, charming, well-mannered, appropriately inappropriate, and good in bed - anyway...

On a last note, the men I've said no to get upset and spread rumors. If you hear rumors about what a terrible person I am, it's because I refused to see (or continue to see) anyone below my standards, and my intuition was right. 




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