Check out my Rebound Promo Sept 16-22!


 accept credit card & other forms of payment - pre-payments are welcome, but full payment should be complete at least three days beforehand.

I can host Downtown Chicago, Oak Brook, Schaumburg.

I can come to see you anywhere in the Chicagoland area

I can host in Milwaukee or Rockford for a 4 hour minimum. Simply add a $200 gratuity

At least 12-hour notice is preferred. if you would like an easier time to schedule with me.

Benefaction / offerings

Discreet Credit card options available

**Duos Available!**

**Check out my promo, Sept 16-22!**

**Credit card options available**

**Rebound Promo**

(Monday, September 16 - Monday, September 22)

2 Hours: 900

3 Hours: 1200

4 Hours: 1500

25% Deposit due upon booking

Multi-Hours: (Deposit 25% .)

  • 2 Hours (minimum) 1200: I prepare and serve a cocktail, cheese & crackers in a little black dress.
  • 3 Hours 1600: I reserve a suite, preparing and serving cocktails and a generous cheese & fruit or veggie plate in a little black dress. *Most popular first date and is all-in. No need to go out!*
  • 4 Hour Classic Dinner Date - 1800: We go out to a public restaurant and return or a private suite party.

Clock-Free: (Deposit: 1000)

  • Clock-Free Evening (not a sleep-over) 3000: (Deposit 50%) Let's make it a non-rushed evening together all the way up to midnight if you'd like. Suggested for Michelin restaurants, progressive dinners, shows, etc. then after date privacy.

Extended:  (Deposit 50%)

  • Clock-Free Overnight (up to 12 Hours) : 4000 This is the date where we have a nice, clock-less evening, and as naturally happens after a great night, I invite you up to my place. 
  • Up to 24 hours:  5000
  • Weekend/36-48 hours: 8,000

Milwaukee: $2,000/4-hours will allow me to justify a hop skip and a jump to entertain you.


Deliver Me To You:

I simply ask for travel & expenses to be paid. I prefer first-class even on domestic flights if possible. 



Let's talk after we've become acquainted and comfortable with one another.

I am well known and commended for providing very spacious, upscale reservations from start to finish. You're not arriving to a small room with a bed in a hotel where anybody else has been with me or will be with me in any given day. I reserve this day particularly for you, upon request. This is my style, it is about me, and it is about you, as you are the type who prefers a non-rushed, no formula, every stick in each bucket time together. I like the private and exclusiveness that I provide, because - it's me.

Do not fret, I don't take short-cuts, nor do I try to spend as little as possible just to make a buck and get out. I like things how I like them, I want you and I do be comfortable without a weird, cold surrounding. To me this is real, at least for our day(s).


deposit and cancellation policy

the part you might not like is a part you don't have to cross

If you make yourself unimportant, people will treat you as a last priority.

  • The deposit/retainer is non-refundable.

The reason I have this policy is because I do not see you as "work." You are my date. I look forward to seeing you. I do not look forward to being stood up, for lack of better words. :)