Touring Charlotte, NC July 12-15. Get your tickets soon!


💞 My silence speaks to deal seekers/manipulators. You who spoil me with kindness and generosity will find deep and wonderful things, hidden only for you to see 💞

My rates, time minimums, & screening requirements are non-negotiable.

the green fence

Discreet CC options available

I will ask for a deposit upon time of reservation, which can range from $500 to 50% depending on the logistics. 

If you want to pay the entire amount ahead of time via Credit Card or remote payment, I ask for full payment at least 3 days in advance.

If we know one another and you are booking same-day, or 24 hours in advance, I still need a deposit; however, we can figure out a quick way to do so.

General Admission:

  • 2 Hours (minimum) 1500: I prepare and serve a cocktail in a little black dress.
  • 3 Hour Private Wine & Cheese Suite Party 1800 I prepare and serve wine and cheese (or cocktails) in a little black dress
  • 4 Hour Classic Dinner Date: 2000
  • Up to 6 Hours 3000: A non-rushed evening together.

Extended: (Let's plan the itinerary upon scheduling)

  • Overnight (12 Hours) : 4000
  • Check in to Check out (4pm-11am):  4500
  • Each additional or partial day: 3000

Deliver Me To You:

For "Deliver Me To You": I can go anywhere in the U.S. if you include airfare, meals, & lodging.

For overnights, transportation is all I require.

I can do "Deliver Me To You" even for 2 or 4 hours... but I will ask for lodging, meals, and travel. (Points may also be transferred for airfare.)

New York, LA, and Boston, please add $500 to Fly Me To You on top of expenses.

Cancellation and Retainer:

A discreet non-refundable deposit will be requested, with the amount depending on the logistics. I do ask, if you need to cancel, you reschedule a later date and pre-pay in full to secure the reschedule.

Shit happens, I know. But you want me to be comfortable, and those I know like a well taken care of woman.