Please send the following information to

Please understand, I will not answer emails with any negotiations on screening or benefaction, explicit content, talk about services or check-lists, (not my style,) chit-chat/pen-pal emails, or lack of screening information listed below. If you did not receive a message back, perhaps you were missing some information, or introduced yourself. in such a manner that communicates you randomly chose me, as opposed to specifically chose me-AKA did not address me by my name - Courtney.

I am clearly vetted online, and provide links to assure you, I am legitimate. If you do not feel I am, I believe you should feel comfortable - please find companionship elsewhere. If you are ready, and a true gentleman, I can't wait to meet you.

Contact me:

(I might have further questions, or need identification, work verification, etc. if you are difficult to verify.)

Screening will be completed when you are ready to schedule and send a deposit. If you would like to send an early deposit for a future encounter, you may pre-screen. If you are not ready to send a deposit, please pre-screen when you are ready.

  • P411 + information *easiest screening process, and preferred method*
  • 2 recent references + information *2nd easiest process, 2nd preferred method*
  • P411 + State ID & registered phone number (no burners or apps)
  • 2 Recent references + State ID + registered phone number (no burners or apps)
  • 2 recent references + full name, city & state of residence & registered phone number (no burners or apps)

Verification for those just dipping their toes into this mysterious world:
If you do not have references or any memberships, you can undergo a "newbie screening". 

Please send me an introduction to with your 

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • City and state of residence
  • Registered phone number, (no burners or apps) 
  • An introduction with little about yourself, (can be anything non-explicit)
  • Where you found me, why you chose me

I will let you know if I need more information from you, and will likely ask for your ID and work verification.

If you do not want to send your ID, you may also register with instead.

Please do not talk about money or services. If you need to know what your offering should be, please check out my benefaction page above.

Please approach me as a gentleman. "Text talk" will be deleted.

Thank you,