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Courtney O,
Chicago's mind-fuck

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"It's not necessarily her looks, it's her presence that serves as the temptation for all those around us. They're afraid to approach her - and I like that - because she's with me." Read on.

It's me, Courtney. (aka, 'court')

The hell with this check-list bullshit. The things you were told. You have to "get her off" like a MAN.

Our job, sometimes, is to stroke your ego to let you know you can get a woman to orgasm by clitoral stimulation. Or to bang bang bang her long as you can.

~Record scratch~

I'm sorry, I can't do this as a "job" - I want the real thing, which looks different every time, even with the same people.

I spend a lot of time socially, or romantic "online" relationships. But now and again, you get me in person, and pleasure becomes a duty. Why? You want your ego stroked.

Let's break this. I'm sorry, but you've been lied to. Many of us know this, but we don't tell you because you're paying to feel like you please us. And you DO! But... we don't need a horse and pony show every single time.

Well, let me speak for myself, as my body is the body I've lived in for a long time. You do know I like to find new wormholes in your mind as well, right? 

You fear communicating what you want, because you've been told, if you don't make me "O" sixteen times in an hour you've failed. Or even once. Guess what? If you tried and I succeeded, I'd probably never want to see you again LOL.

That sounds mean, but it's true. RELAX. While I'm not a porn star type, and I am mostly a social companion, sometimes we find ourselves alone, and temptation brought us "here." In this alone place, where we hope to impress and pleasure one another.

You've been told by a legalistic society the blue-print of pleasing a woman. We adhere to that blue-print to make you feel good. And we do too, because we made you feel like a MAN. Right? A man in the eyes of your teachers. Teachers who have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

Things change as our cycles change. We want different things as things change throughout our months and seasons. Sometimes we're stressed, and we just want a long hug filled with fking and intimacy. Maybe that's all you want too.

A great thing here, (at least with me,) is you get to express things that - while maybe there will be a - "nah, not my thing," but things that won't be judged. And maybe, just maybe, that's not what you really want. Maybe what you really want is not the bucket-list check-off... one others have told you you should seek.

How about maybe going to a shooting range? Or a tour around the city? A great dinner? A woman smiling because you gave her a cool gift.

Maybe tease and denial. Maybe the giving up o control. Maybe the look in her eyes when you skipped all the things others told you pleases a woman, when really, you found it just by being in the moment and exploring together.

Let it go. When you do, you'll see more clearly, and find things you might have missed because the world told you being a MAN means this or that. It's bull-shit. Our job is to make you feel like a MAN in many ways, but really? Let's go beyond that. I'm not a follower of the flocks. I'm a finder of the real fantasies. It's not going to look "epic" in the beginning. 

Just relax and enjoy. It's better than a circus imo. Kill the check-list and enjoy ME so I can enjoy YOU. After all, we're here to escape the expectations of the world.

If even that means we just commune by enjoying an epic date you never got to take someone on. Let's ride the storm as it hits. The hell with the rest. It's nobody's business what we find together.


Courtney O

Prima Donna of The Nude Opera.