Sensible, Yet Provocative

Perhaps you want to taste something shiny and new...

Welcome to: My friends page!

Leave it to me to enjoy recommending my girlfriends!

Perhaps you've found me and don't feel comfortable with my system in booking, rate structures, time minimums, etc. Here's your answer! Other ladies who's systems you might be more comfortable with.

Or, you want me to bring a friend. Or maybe, you just like that I not only have hot friends, I have beautiful girlfriends who are smart, accomplished, super interestng, motivated, hold very hight standards to their presentation, brand, and performance.

They are all different from one another, but the simalarities of the above are why I not only recommend them, but I'd also bring them as our guest if you'd like! (I also love to hang out with them!)


Highly Recommended independently or for duets!

Veronica Turbay - Washington, DC


Ms. Gabby Baker - Minneapolis, MN


Lynette Marie - Las Vegas, NV


(My Soul Sister)

Vanessa Everett - Chicago


Megan Love - nashville, tn

Mystery UTR Girlfriend


I have three mystery girlfriends who would love to join us! A blonde, a brunette, & a redhead. All HWP, gorgeous, amazing women. The fun part? You won't know which one is coming with me!

Duets start at 1800 for 2 hours.