Touring Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC July 11-16.

When a Man Offers...

When a man offers

I will never say no

It breaks his heart

And steals my glow

I love being taken care of by a man. While I love to be an equal, or even the "leader," I love being comforted by your luxuries. It blesses my heart to see you happy - that I'm happy with the gifts you render. Are you him? The one who wants to anoint me with your spirit through your material sentiments?

Online gift vouchers are best sent to

Approach me as your nude canvas

Designers/clothing/favorites (Ideas)

  • Honey Birdette Lingerie
  • Bordelle Bondage Lingerie
  • I would love to re-stock on my Christian Louboutin and Stuart Weitzman boots
  • I have a new dream: Valentino Shoes. The man who takes me to pick out Valentino Shoes, or the above, I would be so happy with my new wish!
  • Other forms of lingerie or dresses you would like to see me wear for you. (Please consider I dress in a classy manner in public)


  • I love toys to pleasure myself while you are away. I also would love some to try with you! Bring them along, so long as they're not an arm-sized dildo LOL!
  • I jest, honestly, I'm not a huge toy person. I can do that at home, you're my toy. :)

Keep me comfy and happy

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Starbucks Gift Cards
  • Best Buy Gift Cards (Music & Video stuff)
  • A Westin Heavenly Queen sized mattress
  • Westin Heavenly Queen sized accessories (I won't need the base board or bed frame)
  • Gifts you know I might love - fun stuff like bath-bombs, your favorite Pinot Noir or Champagne
  • Orchids
  • Be creative if you'd like to be. Any gift from you is a pleasure to me, as it reminds me of you whenever I see it or use it
  • Books about physiology or brain stuff
  • Books about how to deal with people when you're predominantly an Introvert, but come across as an extrovert (INFJ)
  • Fuck it - A Subaru Outback