Fun gift ideas


Gift cards: (To

  • Amazon
  • Sephora
  • (for spa treatments, etc.)
  • Amazon
  • Amazon
  • PetSmart
  • Did I mention Amazon? 🙃
  • Four Seasons Spa gift cards. (My favorite spa in the city.)




Bra: 32DDD (Trust me on this - they do not look like DDD's but they are.)

Honey Birdette

Bordelle - Luxury Bondage Linerie 

La Perla - Dainty LIngerie

Wolford - stockings, tights, and body suits :)

Shoes: Size 38

(My favorites)

Christian Louboutin



Jimmy Choo


My body is changing/fluctuating, (I quit smoking & only have light drinks nowadays, so it's an adjustment,) so I'm just going to say it's best for me to try them on.

Hand Bags: 

Stella McCartney


Whatever you think I might like :)


Fun Gifts

  • One Fast Cat running wheel for my fat cat. (Amazon Gift Cards can also go toward this.)
  • Sarcastic coffee mugs with quotes
  • Don Julio Añejo
  • Toys for my fat cat
  • Why Men Love Bitches (Book)
  • Books on the brain, physiology, sociology, interesting sex philosophy... things that will help me put the inner workings of the body and the outer workings of the world together.
  • Guitar shopping (I want to add a 6-string hollow bodied Gibson electric and a hollow bodied 12-string electric of whichever brand sounds the best to me.)