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💞My silence speaks to deal seekers/manipulators. You who spoil me with kindness and generosity will find deep and wonderful things, hidden only for you to see💞

Please know the below screening is not negotiable. It creates a much better time for you and I, while also creating safety. You want me to feel safe with you, right?

The first round of screening might take a little time. I have been told many times, "I'm glad I made it through!" - Years later, after they saw time and again, the arrangements were very smooth and easy thereafter. People who know me over time realize they're pretty much VIP as far as scheduling is concerned.

I appreciate your understanding, and thank you in advance for sending the information below, while also understanding more information may be requested if I cannot verify you easily.

A short, 5 - 10 minute phone conversation will likely take place after verification as well just to break the ice. I've learned showing up in person is so much more comfortable for the both of us when this happens.


Verification Information: Please copy and paste, and send to

(I might have further questions, or need identification, work verification, etc. if you are difficult to verify.)

Verification :
If you do not have references or any memberships, you can undergo a "newbie screening". 

Please send me an introduction to with your 

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • City and state of residence
  • Registered phone number, (no burners or apps)
  • Information (if you are a member, please use the information they ask in the screening above
  • P411 ID (Looks like Name-##-L-####) Please also send a request via P411 so I can verify it is you.
  • Date, time, & length of our meeting
  • Location of our meeting
  • 2 Recent Reputable provider References (If P411 has recent reference, that will suffice.)
  • An introduction with little about yourself, (can be anything non-explicit. It helps me get to know you, whatever you say.)
  • Where you found me, why you chose me
  • *Brand-new, never used email addresses will not be answered unless an explanation is attached as to why you used a new email address to contact me.

I will let you know if I need more information from you, and will likely ask for your ID and work verification if the information above is difficult to verify.

If you do not want to send your ID, you may also register with 

Please do not talk about money or services. If you need to know what your offering should be, please check out my benefaction page.

Please approach me as a gentleman. "Text talk" will be deleted.

Thank you,