Touring Charlotte, NC July 12-15. Get your tickets soon!

Faithful Benefactors of 5+ occasions

For local benefactors, (In the Chicagoland area, or visiting the Chicagoland area,) I like to provide a special package rates, just for you. Why? You've been faithful to me, and I'd like to express my thanks in the best way I can :)

FAithful benefactors: (5+ dates)

VIP Package Rates

2 Hours: 1200

3 Hours: 1500

4 Hours: 1600

6-8 Hours: 3000

The below can apply to local gents, or any of my occasional tours:

Overnight: 3500

24 Hours: 4000

Each additional day: 2500

Shopping & Social!

  • Take me shopping! 1/2 day public social time + shopping/modeling. We can spend half a day together picking out some nice designer items for a couple hours, and go to lunch or dinner, take a walk, etc. (Minimum spending, 2000, + $500 just for me. :P)
  • Social Time: Lunch or dinner & show up to 4 hours - 1200
  • It's just lunch, (up to 2 hours at a nice restaurant): 900

Multi-Date Monthly Packages, paid in advance

  • Up to 4 - 4 hour dates in one month (cannot roll over 30 days). 5000USD (Normally 8000)
  • 2 overnights in one month 5000USD
  • Up to four overnights in one month: 9000
  • Fly Me To You: Simply first-class airfare via American and the VIP rate.
  • Have something else in mind? We can talk about it!