Touring Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC July 11-16.

I decided to sing a song I've always wanted to sing, but realized - I can't LOL! So I took it and twisted it into one of my many vocal 'personas' - the rhaspy blues singer at a late night dive bar, smoking cigs and drinking whiskey.


The look

Here is a tour of my body

I'm just going to talk how I talk in person here. I'm not going to do the "fluffy ad" stuff here.

If you looked at the photos above, you'll see it looks like I have photos of different people. It's been mentioned to me numerous times - I know they look different. I'm eclectic, and to my detriment, what they look for in models is not what YOU look for in a Courtesan, right?  LOL. But level of beauty is equal, and I do keep it accurate by eliminating photos that are not accurate enough on a regular basis. (For instance: when I cut my hair from lower mid-back to shoulder length.) 

I am not "basic." You're just not going to get a basic chick. I don't even like Starbucks. It gives me heart burn. I don't like the basic poses you see on all escort ads. I don't like following like a blind sheep. This is me. Take it or leave it. Don't tell me how to advertise like them either, if you like basic, find basic. I'm not about to be a knock-off.

You get (in looks) 5' 4" - 140# (but that doesn't really show what the body looks like,) 32DDD breasts, (even though they LOOK like large D's.) But if you want to bring me something to wear, you have to know my size is DDD or my boobs will fall out of it, and not in a pretty way. A "she's got back fat" way. (Even when I was 110# last year. If you want to know why I was 110#, check out my blog!)

I have a very cute, proportional body, but it is juicy and extremely feminine. There is no masculinity in my body whatsoever. Shoulder length black hair, pale skin sprinkled with freckles, (especially on the back,) high arched, youthful feet, short finger nails, (I play guitar, you just have to deal with it,) and someone who doesn't spend the entire date taking selfies. (Except two of you because - I don't know why actually LOL.)

I have perky boobs with responsive nipples. I posted the pic to the right. I am telling you because they're wonderful. You're welcome. (If you see photos without nipples, it's because I had to post them on social media. Nipples are a no-no on there.)

I get dolled up, do my little seductive seance, then show up and steal your soul and use it to create my art. That's about it. What you see is what you get. I think you'll enjoy it.

*Top 10 in looks/presentation, service, and safe, convenient, immaculate upscale accommodations TER Chicago - 228841 - when reviews were a "thing"*

*Preferred411 verified 5+ years with 70+ OK's*

* verified*

*Eros Verified Provider*

*Verified all over twitter as legit*

I am not explaining myself to *jump, jump* for you to book with me. I'm explaining myself so you can make an educated decision. I actually want you to feel blessed and glad with your decision. Xoxo C