I've been waiting for you to pursue me... because I will never pursue you.


As per the usual, always super recent photos popping up!

My hair is now red, (very recent,) check out the recent candids and selfies to check out the current look!

I wear classic styles, love to dress semi-conservative, sexy, not flashy. I'm not into looking "Cheap" (unless it's requested for private. ;)

Home Selfie Video

A simple selfie video. (This was made just to be silly on social media, but it chalks it all up, so it stays.)

The Perfect Dish

A sample of an original song that my ex hated.

So now it's for you, beause - you are The Perfect D

How I get ready for a date.

Phase II - I love to listen to music and prepare my body to swing and sway. I like to walk up with my prowess. I might dress sophisticated, but I have my "spirit" on. :)

Me singing "Still Loving You" by the Scorpions - Karaoke Time! 😍