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As per the usual, always super recent photos popping up!

I've been told I look like a different person in all my photos, and that is true. A safe face and pose in every photo isn't my thing. It all depends on the photographer, lens, and having someone with a very exotic Eastern European 'look' (me.) Just like my personality. What you bring out of me is what you'll see. :)

If you'd like order of events, check out my social media links. Instagram is a nice, organized, timely pictorial timline :)

Scroll down for videos of me! :)

Home Selfie Video

A simple selfie video. (This was made just to be silly on social media, but it chalks it all up, so it stays.)

The Perfect Dish

A sample of an original song that my ex hated.

So now it's for you, beause - you are The Perfect D

How I get ready for a date.

Phase II - I love to listen to music and prepare my body to swing and sway. I like to walk up with my prowess. I might dress sophisticated, but I have my "spirit" on. :)

Me singing "Still Loving You" by the Scorpions - Karaoke Time! 😍